HD display and control solution for computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine in China

In the 1970s and 1980s, ordinary people regarded watches, televisions, and sewing machines as the "three essential pieces". Traditional household sewing machines were all the rage, and sewing became a must-have skill for women at home at that time. Nowadays, clothing shopping malls and various e-commerce shopping platforms all over meet people's daily needs. The tradition of buying fabrics for clothes no longer exists. The sewing machine gradually disappeared from the family and became the exclusive equipment of the factory. In order to improve efficiency and productivity, factories often combine two or more processes on one machine, creating many embroidery or computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine for mass production.


The early computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine belonged to the mechanical quilting embroidery machine. The pattern to be embroidered was made into a template in advance and fixed with the frame. The movement mechanism of the quilting embroidery machine moved on the template to drive the sewing head according to the pattern on the template. The pattern movement makes the embroidered figure consistent with the template. Because of its complicated template design and production, long cycle and high precision requirements, it is difficult for the products produced by the mechanical quilting machine to adapt to the small batch and multi-variety market changes. With the development of electronic technology and the maturity of numerical control technology, people began to apply numerical control technology to quilting equipment, resulting in computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine. The computerized quilting embroidery machine uses a numerical control system (or a dedicated computer digital control system) to control the movement of the quilting embroidery machine to embroider various patterns, which brings great convenience to style design and product update.



At present, the market for computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine is still expanding. In fact, this kind of products is still very young. The real market application has only been in the past ten years, and its market space is still very large. At the same time, its technology upgrade iteration is quite fast. The future development direction of the computerized quilting embroidery machine will be the special quilting embroidery machine, which will eventually realize intelligence and realize a complete set of lines that complete the processes of opening, feeding, and filling at one time. In addition, the computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine will also be combined with the remote control of the production process to realize the design and production automation, management information and process control intelligence of the quilting industry.


Because computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine are generally large in size and complex in structure, and because of the wide range of applications, the production process is to execute recorded production procedures with various options, and a separate display and control platform is often required for operation. The display control platform is a man-machine interface with rich functions. It can not only realize man-machine touch control, menu selection and equipment control, but also play local operation video and pattern display. In order to improve the experience of production personnel, the screen size is generally above 15 inches, and the resolution effect is at least 1366x768 or even above.



In addition, the display and control platform needs to support wifi and Ethernet to establish a connection with a PC to realize computer control and data sharing. An external keyboard and mouse can be connected to provide a richer operation mode, and it can also be used offline. An external storage device can be connected to support the import of more production programs and pattern data. Because such a complex computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine is composed of many motor units and driven by multiple electronic control motherboards, a reliable communication network needs to be established between the display control platform and the electronic control motherboard, so the display control platform needs to support CAN and 485 industries. interface.


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