Corporate culture

Corporate values refer to the basic beliefs and codes of conduct formed and followed by an enterprise in its long-term development. They are the basic viewpoints of an enterprise on the significance of its own existence and development, its purpose, its attitude towards employees and customers, and the standards for judging the behavior of an enterprise and its employees. Corporate values tell employees "how we should behave" or "what is most important to us".

Core values are the basic value orientation followed by the company and the most core principles guiding the actions of employees.

All employees of the company should conscientiously abide by the core values of "people-oriented, harmony is the most important, efficiency is the first".


     ※ "People-oriented" is the company's basic attitude towards people.
     ※  Respect human values. Make the ideal of the employee and the company's goal, so that the employee's personal value can be realized in the company. ※ Trust people's abilities. Provide appropriate environment and incentives to make employees more active and creative.
     ※ Stimulate people's potential. Pay attention to staff training and development. Peace is precious
     ※ A harmonious internal and external environment is the basic condition for the success of a company. Adhere to the construction of harmonious environment, lay a solid foundation for sustainable development.
     ※ Efforts should be made to foster and build a culture of harmony, promote harmonious interpersonal relations, and foster a good situation of mutual understanding, close cooperation, active cooperation, solidarity and common progress.
     ※ In the internal development process, we should constantly improve the management and operation mechanism, establish a scientific and efficient process, do everything possible to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and optimize the quality of development.
     ※ Externally, we are committed to establishing strategic partnerships with customers and friendly cooperative relations with the government, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders to provide good support for development.
     ※ Adhere to the path of sustainable development, maximize the economic, social and environmental benefits of limited resources, and promote harmony between man and nature.


Effectiveness first
     ※ Efficiency is the way of survival of a company, the basic factor that determines the long-term survival and development of a company, and the important guarantee to achieve strategic goals and achieve sustainable development.
     ※ The high efficiency is supported by a series of good operating mechanisms. The company should continuously optimize the operation management mechanism to ensure efficient implementation.
     ※  High efficiency requires professionalism, concentration, dedication and joy; Advocate accurate, prompt and in place implementation.
     ※  Clear goals before action, correct methods and quick reactions when executing, able to solve problems independently and do a good job in teamwork for the best results.
     ※  It advocates a work style of being prompt, responsive, nervous and orderly, and eager to seize the day. Put an end to non-aggressive, inaction, avoidance of problems, loose and tardy work performance.