Do you really understand computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine in China

 Embroidery has a history of thousands of years in China. Early embroidery machines were modified on the basis of ordinary sewing machines to complete embroidery works.With the improvement and application of computer technology, the focus of embroidery equipment competition is to develop fully computerized machines, and computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine came into being.


 According to current fashion trends, embroidery has become an essential element in the fashion industry and even in life.


 The three elements of embroidery are needle, thread, and cloth. How to use the three elements to make works is indispensable to the needle method. Because of the different needle methods, we see colorful embroidery samples.


 Computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine is an indispensable product in the contemporary textile industry. Its convenience, high-speed and diversification have attracted more and more customers in textiles and clothing. The computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine can be operated electronically to produce different embroidery patterns.


 The biggest difference between the water-soluble version and the ordinary version is that it does not "see what you get" like ordinary plate making. After it is completed on the computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine, it has to go through a "boiling" process. This process makes the water-soluble version loaded Needle processing is different from ordinary plate making. Water-soluble plate making does not require a lot of stitches, the most commonly used are the most common "flat needles" and "flat needles". Needle methods like "tatami" and "E-shaped needles" are hardly used. . The importance of "flat stitch" in the water-soluble version is indescribable. The success of a water-soluble pattern depends mostly on your proficiency in the use of "flat stitch".


 Computerized sequins quilting embroidery machine pattern-making is also called tape-making, which refers to the process of preparing patterns by printing out cards, tapes or discs or preparing patterns through digital processing to guide or stimulate the various movements required for the design of embroidery machines and frames. The designer of this process is the pattern maker. This term comes from the mechanical embroidery machine by punching holes in the paper tape to record the stitches. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish different embroidery stitches by eyes.


 Priming needle is a kind of stroke needle that cannot be seen in the finished embroidery. Some bottom threads have been stitched to the edge of the pattern or connected the various parts of the pattern into a whole during the pattern-making process. The bottom line also plays an important role in creating a three-dimensional effect.


 When patterning the lace, sometimes there are more base stitches than the top stitches. Depending on the network structure of the bottom thread, the top stitches can form the overall pattern.


 Narrow stitches are flat zigzag stitches without a bottom thread. If the bottom stitches are not used at the beginning of the narrow stitches, the narrow stitches will be embroidered even more densely and there will be gaps. It can be used to form lace, fine and dense ribbons, etc. For example, a pattern formed by narrow white stitches on a black fabric requires one or two single needle bottom threads.


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