Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines introduces the reasons for the irregular movement of sewing machine fabrics

Do you know what is the reason for the irregular movement of the sewing machine fabric? Let's follow the editor of Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines for a brief understanding!
In the process of sewing clothes with a sewing machine, sometimes the movement speed of the clothes is uneven, and the stitches are irregular. The movement of the cloth depends entirely on the cooperation of the feed dog and the presser foot to transport forward. Therefore, when the above irregular movement of the cloth occurs, it can be concluded that the teeth and presser foot are faulty or the pressure is not properly adjusted. For example, the presser foot pressure is too low. If the fabric is not pressed tightly, it will cause irregular movement. At this time, just turn the pressure adjusting screw down to compress the fabric. The presser foot is too high to hold down the fabric, which will also cause the fabric to move or not move at all. When adjusting, first lift the presser foot wrench, loosen the guide screw, and then move the presser foot rod from top to bottom to make the pressure After the distance between the foot and the needle plate is adjusted to a height of 7-8 mm, tighten the screw immediately before driving.

Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines
Another reason is that due to the loosening of the teeth screws, the teeth are shaken from side to side during operation, so that the cloth cannot move forward regularly. The solution is to remove the needle plate. Tighten the two tooth screws. After tightening, install the needle plate, check both sides of the teeth, whether there is friction with the edge of the needle plate groove, if there is friction, it will cause noise and machine weight phenomenon, then only remove the needle plate, loosen the tooth screw, Adjust the tooth position to the middle of the slot of the needle plate, and then install the needle plate after tightening the tooth screw.
The above is the editor of Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines: introduction to the reasons for the irregular movement of sewing machine materials.

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