Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines

Do you know how to clean and lubricate the sewing machine? Let's follow the editor of Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines for a brief understanding!
1. Cleaning method
1. Cleaning of the feed dog: Remove the screw between the needle plate and the feed dog, remove the cloth wool and dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
2. Cleaning of shuttle bed: shuttle bed is the core of sewing machine work, and it is also the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.
3. Cleaning of other parts: The surface of the sewing machine and all parts in the panel should be cleaned frequently and kept clean.

Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines
2. Oil lubrication method
1. Refueling part: each oil hole on the machine head, lubricating the upper shaft and the parts connected to the upper shaft; the parts in the panel and the movable parts connected with each part; lubricating the presser foot bar and needle bar and the parts connected to it; machine plate Wipe down the movement of the lower parts and add a little oil.
2. Matters needing attention when maintaining the sewing machine: After the work is completed, insert the needle into the needle hole plate, lift the presser foot, and cover the machine head with a hood to prevent dust dust from entering; when starting work, first check the main parts , how heavy the pedaling is, whether there is any special sound, whether the needle is normal, etc. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be repaired in time; after the machine has been used for a long time, an overhaul should be carried out. To replace with a new one.
The above is the editor of Cheapest computerized industrial mattress panel sewing machines: a brief introduction to the cleaning method and lubrication method of sewing machines.

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