Which computer quilting machine is better to use,How to buy CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine

Computerized quilting machines are divided into single-needle computerized quilting machines and CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machines. Single-needle computerized quilting machines are mostly used for sewing mattresses, bedspreads, and quilts, and CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machines are mostly used for sewing.


There are two common single-needle computer quilting machines, one is the servo computer quilting machine, the other is the step computer quilting machine, and there is actually a drum type computer quilting machine, due to unstable operation and many unstable factors Most manufacturers have already been eliminated.


So which single needle computer quilting machine is best to use? We know that the servo motor runs smoothly and the sound is low. Compared with most motors, the servo motor is more stable. The failure rate is also much lower. Therefore, the servo computer quilting machine is relatively better to use.


The biggest feature of the CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, let’s take the quilt as an example. The quilt is generally composed of two parts, the tire material and the outer textile, and the tire material is divided into wadding and loose fiber. The core structure and shape of the loose-fiber quilt are not fixed, flow and shrink, and the thickness is uneven.


In order to make the outer fabric of the quilt and the inner core tightly fixed and make the thickness of the quilt uniform, the outer fabric and the inner core are stitched side by side in a straight line or in a decorative pattern (including stitching), which increases the beauty and The practical process is called quilting.


Assuming that we don’t have a CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, our processed products are very limited. We can only make new quilts and refurbish old quilts step by step. Assuming we have a CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, then we can make money all year round.


In the most off-season summer, silk quilts, chemical fiber quilts, and space quilts are made into thin summer quilts. Everyone knows that silk quilts and chemical fiber quilts are not only profitable, but also in summer. More popular.


For the CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, the main feature is quilting. The computerized quilting machine has a thinness adjustment function to adjust different thicknesses. The depth of quilting can be adjusted according to the instructions, which is convenient for the adjustment of bedding of different thicknesses in the home textile production process. The second is the pattern storage function of the computer quilting machine. The computer quilting machine disk can store the pattern for a long time, and the user can choose to add the pattern according to the need.


The CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine is also in place to support the functions and characteristics of the quilting process. The thread step function can be set during the quilting operation, which has strong reliability, uniform thread steps, and the pattern is not easy to deform. In the quilting production process, the broken thread detection function of the computerized quilting machine can judge the broken thread, and the system automatically stops. For some bedding computer quilting machines with special requirements, the reinforcement seam function can be turned on. After the reinforcement quilting function is turned on, the quilting machine will automatically quilt back and forth stitches at specific points.


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