Computerized quilting machine debugging is the beginning of stable production,the CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine manufacturers

The CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine needs to be debugged before the formal production, and the computerized quilting machine after assembly has been debugged to minimize the risk of unstable operation. So how to debug the CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine? Let's have a chat today.


1. Quilting machine power test


First plug in the power supply to th  e CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, as shown in   Figure 1, and check whether the power supply is normal, the general voltage is 220v±10%, then turn on the host switch, after the host is powered on, the red indicator light will light up, and the display will show the quilting interface at the same time.


2. Host keyboard status test


After the display shows the quilting interface, we can see a small red cross in the upper left or upper right corner of the pattern, which represents the position of the needle starting point. You can test the functions of the keyboard and the host on the keyboard (note: do not turn on the power on the motor, that is, the green power button.


First click [F1] to quilt, and observe whether the red cross points follow the pattern. After the red dot has walked for a while, press the space bar to pause it, then press [F5] to simulate the side threading, observe whether the red cross point runs below the pattern, and stop, then press [F5] to return it to the previous pause After returning to the pause point, press [F1] to quilt again, and it will continue to move along the graph. After running a certain distance, press the space bar to pause, and then press [F6] to return to the starting point, as in this series of actions If the machine is running correctly, it means that the keyboard of the host is in a normal state.


3. Test whether the stepper motor, the direction of rotation of the motor, circuit, signal, etc. are normal


First, we push the beam and the machine head to the middle of th  e CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine, and   then turn on the green power button to observe whether the stepper motor is energized, click the F9 system test on the keyboard, use the keyboard (←) (→) (↑) (↓) key to test the front and back (longitudinal) movement of the beam and the left and right (lateral) movement of the machine head. Make sure that the direction on the keyboard is consistent with the movement direction of the beam head. For example, press the (←) key to see if the machine head moves to the left, press ( ↓) Whether the key girder moves down.


If it is contrary, you need to adjust the power cord of the corresponding stepper motor to the driver in the electric cabinet. On the corresponding driver, the three power cords connected to the stepper motor can be arbitrarily exchanged for two directions.


If the vertical and horizontal directions are opposite (for example, press the (→) key to go to the beam, press the (↑) to go to the machine head), and exchange the signal plugs on the two drives.


After the vertical and horizontal adjustments are made, press F9 to  test the turning of t  he CS64 digital control garments making machine multineedle quilting machine head (the person o  bserves the counterclockwise rotation of the synchronization wheel on the machine head on the right side of the machine). If the direction is reversed, exchange any two of the three power cables on the inverter's three-phase motor, and the direction can be changed. So far, the directions, signals and functions of the three motors are all normal.


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