Cheapest 94 inches computerized lock stitch duvet quilting machine talks about the processing method of quilting machine jumper

Do you know what to do with the quilting machine jumper? Today, the editor of Cheapest 94 inches computerized lock stitch duvet quilting machine will take you to a brief introduction.
1. When sewing thin quilts, the height of the presser foot is too high, and the quilt cannot be flattened well, thus affecting the traction of the hook to the bottom thread, so it is necessary to adjust the presser foot to a moderate position.
2. The upper thread is too loose, so that the tip of the hook cannot pull the bottom thread very well. The spring thread clamp should be rotated clockwise until the upper thread feels tight, but not too tight, otherwise the thread will easily break.
3. If the bottom thread is not smooth enough, the automatic winding machine for the lock cylinder should be used to wind the bottom thread. The bottom thread wound on the lock cylinder should not be too tight or too loose.

Cheapest 94 inches computerized lock stitch duvet quilting machine
4. The transmission parts on the machine, such as the synchronous wheel, are severely worn or even chipped, the synchronous belt is aging, and the transmission parts are deviated during the sewing process. The severely worn synchronous wheel and the aging synchronous belt should be regularly checked and replaced, and try to do as much as possible. Zinc alloy timing pulleys and steel core polyurethane timing belts with matching widths are used.
5. When the hook pulls the bottom thread, it is not close to the position of the groove of the needle. Adjust the distance between the front and rear of the hook so that the tip of the hook can be in close contact when it rotates to the middle of the groove of the needle, especially when sewing thicker quilts. Adjust the hook closer to the needle to reduce the chance of skipping the thread.
The above is the description of Cheapest 94 inches computerized lock stitch duvet quilting machine: a brief introduction to the knowledge of quilting machine jumpers.

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